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Sick avocado tree - need to save the tree and kids' treehouse!

7 years ago


I have a ~40 year old avocado tree that I built a tree house in a year ago. I used four tree house attachment bolts (TAB's) as that was the recommended method to best protect the tree (like this).

I never sealed the area around the TAB's, as they are tight fitting, and my understanding is that the tree would heal the local area.

There is an area of bark about two feet long, and a bit less than 1/4 way around the trunk under one of the TAB's looks like it has some kind of an infection behind the bark. When you knock on some bark in some places it it sounds hollow, and it has some black spots.

There is white fluffy stuff around the anchor, but that's been there on all the bolts shortly after they were installed.

My question is whether there is action I could take. In one website someone mentioned cutting out the infected section of bark, and resealing the tree somehow - I really don't want to loose the tree (and the kids' treehouse)!

Also wondering it I should seal up the hole for the anchors, and if so what I should use.

The canopy attached to this branch seems to be doing just fine.

I've tried contacting arborists, and they've either been unresponsive or spendy (>$300 for a consultation).

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