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Anyone else ready to cry, scream, or give up? Contractor venting here!

6 years ago

In a long string of frustrations, just this instant I confirmed by re-reading texts that my contactor assured me he would use thinset instead of mastic in the shower.

Well, I was staring a bucket of Acrylpro (which seems to be mastic) in the face today and the shower head wall of my shower has been tiled with the stuff.

You can find an endless stream of professionals cautioning against the use of mastic over and over again.

Regardless of whether you believe you can use mastic in a shower or not, I was assured we would use thinset, which Acrylpro is not. (Simply Google mastic vs thinset - heck even cautions against using it.)

I am so profoundly tired as this is simply the latest absurdity, not the worst.

Anyone else want to vent to those who understand (unfortunately) more than your co-workers or friends?

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