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I took in a female 12 week old tuxedo kitten less than a week ago.

7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

On the ride home from getting her she sat on my shoulder for the 20 mile car ride to my apartment. She was purring in my ear the entire way home. I have her scheduled to get her first set of shots next week and the week after that she will be spayed. Praying that her being spayed will calm her down a bit. My problem with Echo is that she will jump on to the middle of my back with everyone of her nails digging in to my skin. It hurts terribly. She has loads of toys, climbing posts 6 feet tall. She basically had a very large nice setup. I could use some advice on how to break this terrible painful behavior. I'm huge animal lover and don't believe in physical discipline. I have another cat named Max. He is a 9 year old tuxedo cat as well that is a neutered. He is very passive. The first couple of days he was hissing at her and letting her know her place. Today I noticed she was pouncing on him to the point he was having to defend himself. She kept coming back at him. She went at him aggressively to the point he turned to walk away from her and she continued to pounce him. I could tell Max was getting stressed out so I scooped her up and put her in the bathroom with some of her toys and her litter box for a good 30 minutes hoping she would calm down

I am desperate for any advice to help me with first the jumping on my back. Also her doing the 50 yard dash across my face while I'm sleeping at night. I understand she is a kitten and has loads of energy but I'm seeing some really bad behavior and don't want her to think this bad behavior is acceptable. I would so appreciate any advice that I could get from anybody as I'm willing to make sure I do everything it takes to make things work out for her, Max and myself. Thanks everyone.

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