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August 2018, Week 4, Hotter than Hell

We start out the last week of August with the same old same old heat and high heat index values that have plagued us for weeks, so this week we are:

Hotter than Hell (by KISS)

At least we can sit here now and say we made it through the summer, more or less, and perhaps most of our plants did too.

The garden chores for this week remain the same as in previous August weeks, so I won't list them. I'd add this one---if you are going to plant garlic this fall and need to order seed garlic, now is the time, and I'd do it before the online suppliers start selling out. The same is true if you want to plant autumn crocus. Also, if you need to put out a pre-emergent on your lawn to prevent cool-season weeds from sprouting, the window of opportunity is about to slam shut so do it now.

I tried to find a more appropriate song, by the way, but apparently no one has written a song yet about gardens being devoured by aphids, blister bugs and grasshoppers.

Air quality remains really bad down here---I am not sure if we're still getting smoke from western wildfires or if it is ozone drifting up from the DFW metro or down from the OKC metro, but our air is positively horrible and ugly here.

The hummingbird and bee population remain high, so hooray for that.

I don't have a lot (and maybe don't have any) of garden plans for this week. Late August tends to get pretty snakey in my garden, so I tend to avoid the garden as much as possible. Nothing in the garden is as important to me as avoiding those venomous snakes. Anyway, it is too hot. Just too too hot to garden and I don't even care. If the cool air insists upon remaining inside the house (and it does, since the AC cannot travel outdoors with me), then I can remain inside the house as well.

The grasshoppers are so bad here that if you open the car door for even a minute, they get into the car. What is that about? I don't recall having so many grasshopper-in-car problems in past years. Flies are bad too----so bad that Tim broke the fly swatter while swatting them, so a new fly swatter is at the top of my shopping list for today. I don't even know where all the flies are coming from, but we are not happy to see them.

What's new with y'all? Everybody and everything hanging in there and surviving the August heat? Look at it this way---after this week, we are done with the August heat for this year. Then, instead, we can deal with the September heat, which might feel exactly the same as the August heat.


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