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Book for a HS graduate, to be given with cash.....

6 years ago

We have a niece graduating HS soon and will be going to Europe for her Freshman year at an American University in Europe. We will be giving cash but also want to give her a meaningful book. I thought of "Oh The Places You'll Go" but imagine she will already get that. I also thought of the book about Dr. Rogers (Can't think of the name right now) or maybe "The Little Prince" or the Pooh and Piglet Tao and Te (sp) set. I don't want anything specifically Christian because her parents are mixed (Jewish and Protestant). I want it to be meaningful. She is a beautiful, smart girl who is studying International Policy.....serious and thoughtful. She probably falls to the left of us so I don't want to make it like I am pushing something on her....just a really good book about things to think about, etc.

If anyone has other suggestions that is great too.

I had an Aunt who used to give books and would put cash in them within the pages......I loved to read so I always got my cash but I know some recipients who might have never found the money...LOL ( I won't be doing that)

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