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First time gardener here. Eagerly purchased a problematic garden soil

8 years ago

Hi everyone!

So I'm a first time gardener, taking the dive in growing some vegetables. Cooking is a passion of mine and felt like I should have a more intimate relationship with my ingredients.

For this first attempt, I thought I'd start out simply. Decided on Tomato and Zucchini as they are pretty big staples in my recipes. So I jump online and start researching, like any self respecting millennial. Discover that a plastic bin I purchased for a recent move, is actually food grade plastic and would make a perfect receptacle (its a sizable, rectangular bin. 29"x17"x18"). So container gardening it is! Order some seeds from Baker Creek (Arkansas traveler tomatoes and Black Beauty zucchini's), and in my overly excitable state it start on the path of this labor of love, purchased BLACK GOLD GARDEN SOIL, on the strength of good amazon reviews......

Now as I said, I am a self respecting millennial, but apparently with this age group comes rash decisions. After making a purchase of two, 1 cu ft bags of Black Gold Garden Soil, I decide to look up what the online gardening community thought of this soil. Needless to say, not many looked favorably on this mix. The main issue with this soil from what I gather, is that it is EXTREMELY water retentive, and becomes saturated and tightly compacted very quickly. Of course we all know that with soggy soil comes root rot and disease.

Now my question for any who are knowledgeable on the subject, is what would be the best way to employ this soil? Is there something I can "cut" this soil with to allow for better drainage, and keeping it loose?? Really appreciate any advice anyone could provide. Thanks!

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