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Tips and help for planting by a first-time gardener in CA

Sam A
7 years ago

Hello there,

So I purchased my first home and looking to venture into planting in my backyard. I am in Central California (Bay Area).

The previous owners had two vegetable beds (about 10x4) that they were about to start using but never did. They told me, the soil is good and should be ready to use with necessary supplements as necessary.

Looking for suggestions on how to go about starting:

1) I see potting mix suggested at various places. Miracle-Gro seems to be popular. Is it okay if I just put a layer (how thick?) of this potting mix on top of the existing soil in the beds?

2) Given California weather, what plants could I go for? I am interested in Spinach, Zucchini/yellow squash, Okra, Green Beans. Would these be okay for this time of year/CA weather? Or am I being too ambitious to try them?

3) Should I mix in Perlite?

4) Any fertilizer recommendations?

Thanks for any advise!

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