New here, first time gardener!

10 years ago

Hi! My name is Brittany and I am new to gardening and live in Southwest Oklahoma! We just recently purchased a new home that has a garden in it and I am determined to keep it going and start growing my own vegetables and herbs! I noticed we have asparagus growing on the fence line and there was another vegetable my grandmother in law recognized but i forgot now what it was. I will post pictures later of the garden and also the plants surrounding the house maybe you guys can identify the flowers and stuff like that so i know what i need to plant to attract the right pollinators and how to distract the birds and other animals from the garden!

This year i am planning to grow carrots, potatoes, leaf lettuce, onions (green and the big round ones), broccolli (i noticed 2 types mentioned on here i want to try packman and piricicaba), radishes, beets, tomatoes, cucumber, okra, and peppers... I havent looked into the herbs quite yet so ill have a list of those. I decided not to attempt fruits this year since they usually take up lots of room, what kinds of fruit have you guys planted the only kind i say one the osu list was watermelon and cantaloupe.

And what type of seeds do you recommend for the vegtables listed above? I am hoping to make an order with boutiful gardens prety soon for the first part of those veggies i listed since they need planted pretty soon.

Thanks for reading this! I am very excited to learn more about gardening and hopefully it will be a good year!

I also am ordering a book that was recommended to me, Homegrown Vegetables, Fruits & Herbs: A Bountiful, Healthful Garden for Lean Times... Are there any other helpful books for first time gardeners :)

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