How to fix doc and docx file?

cuenca peralta

I have couple of ms word documents that
I cannot open, they somehow got damaged and I get an error when trying to pen
these files "file has been corrupted, or cannot be opened". I have
tried couple of tools to open this files, but so far no success. I am mainly
concern about the content, the formatting can be re-done, do you know of a any
tool, or a trick that will open these files?
Thank you in advance!

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(1) Are the files DOC or DOCX?

(2) What
version of Word do you have?

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cuenca peralta

I have one
file that is DOC and other that is DOCX (edited ans saved with the current
version of word). I have Word 2013, 2010 and 2003. I have tried opening with
different versions and I get the same error message. Thanks!

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Two ideas:

(1) In Word 2013, do a File>Open>Computer and Browse to the file. Click
the drop-down arrow on the Open button and select Open and Repair:

(2) For the
DOC file, you should be able to see the text (no formatting, of course) by
simply opening the file in a text editor, such as Notepad (this doesn't work
for DOCX). For example, you may drag-and-drop the DOC file into an open Notepad

See if the
following article would help also:

Good luck!

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