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Garden tours, open gardens& garden club sales 2016

8 years ago
last modified: 8 years ago

Here are opportunities for garden visits and club plant sales that I have run across for the 2016 season.

South Church, Concord, NH - June 25, 10-4

Bedrock Gardens, Lee, NH - 3rd weekend of the month, dates on linked page

Celia Thaxter's garden tours (Isles of Shoals)

Garden Conservancy Open Days I linked to the list, but there is a way to sort by state as well, though it only works with the whole state name, not abbreviations

New Castle NH garden tour June 12, 2016 1-4

Portsmouth NH pocket garden tour June 24 5-8 PM, June 25 9AM-3PM

Feel free to add any you know about for your area.

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