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I'm sure glad I'm not back in Ohio!

8 years ago
last modified: 8 years ago

I'll take the love bugs and giant grasshoppers any time over the 17 year cicadas that are emerging at my old home in Dublin, Ohio. We lived in an old growth wooded area along the river, prime location for the cicadas. The noise was deafening and the swarms that flew right into you, sticking to your hair and clothing was disgusting EWWWWW Those big bulgy red eyes and the exoskeletons stuck to the trees and littering the ground was awful. But my dogs loved eating them :p

I remember having to wrap my nieces on blankets to get them from the car to our house on Memorial Day! And the golfers at the Muirfield Memorial Tournament having to play through them.

The only thing close to the cicada invasion are the May Flies on Lake Erie. NEVER plan a trip up there in late May, early June. They're disgusting and die in piles on the sidewalks several inches thick. My Aunt and Uncle ran a hotel in Put-in-Bay on the island of South Bay. The village would use plows to push the dead bugs into Lake Erie, good fish food :)


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