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Are Your Mango Trees YAY or NAY This Year?

Mia Miami
6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

Are Your Mango Trees YAY or NAY This Year? and where are you located? I'm in North Miami, FL and this year my tree is NAY :( last year it was YAY!. I've been renting here for 4 yrs and it seems the tree that is part of my rental area is either YAY or SAD every other year. Last year at this time I was filling my freezer with chopped mango and couldn't give them away fast enough. Last year a month or two ago I was raking up tons of tiny golf ball and marble sized mangos and this year hardly anything has fallen and up in the trees there are about 3% the amount of mangoes that there were last year. They are almost about the size of a tennis ball. Sad. I was hoping for another freezer full this year :( I'll be lucky if I get 25 decent ones this season.

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