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Paint color: Accent wall in 2 story great room

Lisa Mullins
7 years ago

We recently had a painter repaint a couple of our bedrooms and
touch up the paint in the main areas of our house. While he was going
through our main living areas, he commented on how everything was taupe,
taupe, taupe....which I have always liked just fine, but it got me to
thinking that perhaps there's something different I could do with our
great room, not to change the whole thing, but to maybe give it a
different look. The wall that our fireplace is on first goes up one
story, then there's a big wide shelf where that wall attaches to the
wall behind it. I thought that perhaps it would look cool to paint the
one story wall in an accent color to feature it. First, I tried out two
different darker shades of taupe, but I didn't end up liking either of
them at all. Then I thought that perhaps the answer would be to add
another neutral color, in a deeper shade. Now I'm on my 2nd shade of
gray, my 4th color total, and I still think it looks wrong....but I
don't know what would look right! If possible, I would like to keep my
tapestry that is hanging on the top wall though. Please help! Need

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