How would a Roman shade look on this window?

5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

First of all, I love the glass block window in our master bath (so please don't suggest removing it - that's not happening). I love the natural light it brings to the space, love the expanse of glass, just love it. (I've long been enamored of glass block.) When we first moved into this house, I took the stance that privacy would not be an issue because glass blocks are just about impossible to see through. Well, you can see forms and some movement and you can see something that is right up against the glass (sort of), and I just thought that if anyone cared enough to try to see in, they were going to have to work at it. It now occurs to me that once the house next to us is built, that glass block window is going to be in the neighbor's fenced yard. (That's how these zero lot line "garden homes" work, and there's no way around that whatsoever.) I'm not quite as comfortable with that, and quite frankly keep having these visions of a pervert moving in next door. LOL! I know that's not fair ... but you just never know, right?

Anyway, my brother and SIL have a beautiful, crisp white Roman shade in their powder room on their frosted window. I admire it every time I am in their home, and lately I've been wondering if we should have something similar installed on our bathroom window. Below I've done a mockup of how one might look, along with a photo of the other window in the room that wears a plantation shutter. (I definitely do not want another shutter in the room though.)

Here's what the glass block window looks like now:

And here's what it could potentially look like with a Roman shade (along with the window that's on the left side of the room):

Of course, any shade would have to be lined so as to allow for privacy ... something billowy and light isn't going to do much in that regard.


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