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Roman Shades- Looking for been-there-done-that

13 years ago

I got distracted at the fabric store yesterday (i'm sure none of y'all have this problem!). I went in to buy backing for a pillow i was going to make.

I came out with 20 yards of that warm window 4 layer fabric.

So, now having decided to spend my Xmas vacation days making Roman Shades for every window (and the sliding glass door) in my house, i am looking for some advice.

I'm hoping i can find all the hardware locally, but i may have to order online, and won't be able to finish till after the new year. If anyone knows where to get good quality shade hardware in austin, i'm all ears. the fabric store i bought the fabric in had a small section of the hardware by the same company that goes with the fabric, but i was less than impressed, and figure there must be better quality out there somehwere- esp. as i have very wide windows (7+ feet wide).

So, basically, i'm asking any and everyone who has made Roman shades before, if you had it to do over, what would you do?

I read one comment somewhere that said to use the metal rings, because they will hold up longer, and take abuse from men jerking on the strings (altho i'm a pretty good jerker myself). But on a good website w/ very good instructions, they said to use plastic rings, they will hold up to sun exposure better. Do they make ring tape w/ metal rings?

And what about pulleys? I am confused about what type of pulley is best. The metal ones look good to me, but they come in a few different forms. Do i need a locking pulley, or can i just use cord cleat? (note- i tend to break anything that looks even remotely technical.)

And what are the screw eyes for? I'm a bit lost here. Are they in place of the pulleys, or in addition too?

Any other tips/tricks/advice that y'all have would be most appreciated, as i will be making shades for 5 windows, 1 sliding glass door, and figuring out somethign to put in front of hte fireplace.


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