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Help-builder put 4" granite backsplash on cabinetry...

7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

Our house was a spec and came with a four inch granite backsplash in the kitchen. We want to get a tile backsplash installed but have one major problem- the builder installed the four inch granite on the cabinetry panel on the side of the oven (picture yourself facing a single wall with ovens at the left, then 2 ft of counter, then stove- backsplash is along back wall like normal but also on the panel that is on the right side of the ovens). Obviously to remove this granite would damage the panel and we would have to replace the entire thing. So my choices are

1. to tile the space above the granite which results in 4 inches less space to plan a backsplash (we don't have a large space over the stove bc of a microwave so the backsplash everywhere around the kitchen is the depth from cabinet to counter) not to mention having to consider the granite in the plans for tile ideas, or

2. to remove all the granite backsplash in the kitchen but just leave that one random piece against the side of the ovens.

My initial thought was to keep the granite because just the one piece seems really weird but a friend said she wondered if it would really be that noticeable in reality...

i actually found a photo of what appears to be the same situation though they chose a tile that kind of resembles the granite so it granite is Giallo napole or something similar so wouldn't really be able to do that...[

i I am stuck on this and can't move forward...anyone ever encountered this before? I cannot fathom what possessed them to do that but I am stuck with it. Thanks!

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