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Cages for a community rabbits, compost vs rabbit poop

8 years ago

Many years ago, my father raised New Zealand white rabbits, for breeding and meat, which meant every adult female and every adult male had their own cage. Most of them were sold as pets to the locals. I'm personally not looking to breed rabbits or use them for meat but rather to have a steady supply of rabbit poop fertilizer, to aid in my semi-organic gardening practices, possibly vermicomposting too.

My father also built just about every one of his cages, and I remember how many blisters and cuts he'd have after each cage was done. I'm hoping that I can buy a ready-made all-metal hanging cage, but the issue I see with commercial cages is size. They're generally in the 19-48" range, only setup for 1-3 large rabbits or so. I'm guessing that I'd also want New Zealand white rabbits too but would like to create a community of all females.So, I'm looking for any ideas anyone has here, for probably between 5 and 8 rabbits.

So, the second issue is compost vs rabbit manure. I recently read an article that stated rabbit manure is more potent that sheep, goat, horse, cow, and chicken manure, but since rabbit manure can be used directly in the garden without composting, it would seem like the clear winner. Are there any 'but's or 'howevers' to this conclusion, other than the responsibility of care-taking of these animals?

My father apparently used rabbit poop exclusively to grow tomatoes before I was born. I heard that, every year, he grew tomatoes that grew over the roof of the house he lived in previously because of rabbit fertilizer. I've not really experienced that type of growth on anything with compost, but I'm interested in others experiences. Which one, in your experiences/opinions, gives back more than the other, in terms of what you put in?

As always, thanks to everyone who shares their experiences with all of us 'gardeners'

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