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"Rooty" growths on 1 year old apple tree trunks. Apple Tree Gall?

8 years ago

I grafted 50 apple scions to MM111 and B18 rootstock last year. They seem to be growing fairly well and are 6-10 feet tall after 1 full year of growth (spring 2014-fall 2015). I wintered them in TN and planted them out last spring. All but 2 survived and developed lateral branches over the summer. A few took a hit from Japanese beetles but that may be besides the point.

All of these trees were in tree tubes that I keep cleaned out of growth and debris.

In their first year, over 1/2 of these trees developed round growths on the trunk above the graft site with small, spiky root-like projections. It's tough to make out the spiky rootlets in this photo. I can get better ones if needed.

Is this apple tree gall, is it harmful and if so how do I get rid of it?

The white powder is a latex paint that I put around the base of the trees that's breaking down.

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