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Plum and apple trees not producing fruit at 6 years old

11 years ago

I have a plum tree that we got about 6 years ago. It flowered and produced 2 good-sized fruits the first year. Then, its tall central branch that grew straight up, died and broke off. It has not grown more than about 1 inch each year since then. It is about 3 feet tall now. It has not flowered or produced fruit since then. We also have 2 apple trees-also 6 years old- one McIntosh and one Golden Delicious. The McIntosh has only grown maybe 6 inches since we got it and has produced two tiny fruits the year we got it. It has not flowered since. Neither has the golden delicious, which has grown a lot- from about 4 feet tall to almost 10. We also have a hybrid Bing/Tart Red Cherry tree, if that helps at all, and a patch of woods containing ash, elm, persimmon, and sassafras trees, honeysuckle, and blackberry vines. Does anyone have any suggestions or answers as to why they do not bloom or produce fruit? Thanks.


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