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CrossPosted - why is this room not working??

7 years ago

Hoping these pics help show the room - this is our everyday eating/dining room right off our kitchen - we eat, do puzzles, enertain other families, do homework here on a regular basis - the walls are newly painted BM Natural Cream (love them!) and drapes are new. White dining chairs need to go (too high maintenance but I love the lightness and casual feel they have). Blue recliners are new and get used constantly. Table can stay or go - I have a love-hate relationship with this table - love the oval shape as its more flexible for seating but that's about it. Reluctant to add more dark wood to the room with dark wood chairs etc (I included a photo of the bar stools at the island right off this room). Love big harvest tables, am open to benches with chairs at each end. Need brighter artwork I think?? Would light wood Roman blinds warm up the windows and create texture? Styling of the brown cabinet? Thinking about ways to hack it to look better ie glass door inserts?

Im just at a loss for what to do as I'm in this room every day and can no longer see what it needs. new chairs first!!!

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