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Baby coming home; 2 cats also live there. What to do!

7 years ago

My 40 year old daughter is bringing home her first baby this week. She developed pre-eclampsia so they delivered him at 33 weeks. Being an overly concerned mother and a Mother-Baby nurse of 25 years I have a question for you.

She has two indoor cats that she has had since they were babies, both about 10. I haven't been able to think of a way to be sure the cats don't get into the room where the baby is sleeping.

She is planning to have the baby in the room with her and her hubbie at night and I assume he will also nap there. I have read online that one solution is to install a screen door rather than have to close the door to the room to keep the cats out.

My daughter thinks my worries are unfounded.

I would very much appreciate your thoughts and ideas about this.



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