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will granite installers help make our sink fit?

8 years ago

The granite people are coming tomorrow to do the template for our countertops. We are in a panic because we just took our sink out of the box and it seems like it could be too big, front to back. On the other hand, maybe there is a workaround possible? Like notching out the cabinets? Anyway, my question is, if the cabinets had to be notched or some other workaround, would the granite installer usually do that, or would that be something we need to ask our contractor to do? The granite installers are the ones who would be installing the sink. We didn't go through the contractor for the granite, so I'm a little worried that he is going to give us a lecture about it if we need him to help us fix the issue (or that he won't want to do it). Anyone know how this usually works? Thanks!!

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