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Advice on HVAC installation / NJ Energy rebate program

8 years ago

I have a single stage 80% efficiency furnace that heats 1100 sq. ft. single floor ranch and there is no central AC. I am planning to finish my basement before this summer and I wanted to get central AC installed before I close up the basement ceiling/walls. I also need mainly heating solution for the finished basement which will be about 800 sq. ft and will be used daily. Basement has two sump pumps and french drain installed and I use a portable dehumidifier 30 pint with humidity setting 50 and in the summer, I have to empty the water out almost everyday and still get musty odor. From speaking to HVAC contractors, one suggested installing whole house dehumidifier and I really liked the idea. Even though most of them said if I used share the heating/AC for both floors, basement humidity solution will be solved, I don't think AC can do the job as good as the dehumidifier.

I got a couples of quotes for just AC and for both AC and furnace and whole house dehumidifier. Company#1 and Company#4 told me that my single stage furnace will not be able to support multi-zones if I were to make separate zones in the future. Since I am going to extend the same system for basement heating, energy cost is also a concern to continue with my existing furnace. My current electric/gas bill is $200 in the winter and I notice, it comes on and off every 10-15 minutes.

From researching quotes on A/C and furnace, I found out that some people did save money going through NJ energy rebate program. If I were to replace my furnace, install A/C and dehumidifier, I am looking about 13-14K. I would also like to insulate my attic to reduce energy cost.

Appreciate any input and advice on whether I should get energy audit to see if I could get more out of it. If you had gone through similar steps, please share your experience. Thanks.



Quote#1 $5,390 ($200 rebates from carrier)

- Carrier Performance 24ACC6 2.5Ton 16 SEER Air Condition

Quote#2 $9,825 ($300 rebates from State)

- Carrier Infinity two stage 58CVA 70K BTU 80% eff. furnace

- Carrier Infinity 19 SEER 24vna9 2.5ton Air Condition

- Carrier Infinity Touch Control

Aprilaire 1830 Whole house dehumidifier $2975



Lennox Elite XC14 16 SEER 2.5Ton $5,896

Lennox WHD3 series whole house dehumidifier $2,980



Lennox ACX13 13SEER 4,800

Lennox ACX14 14SEER 5,100

Company#4 (the only diff between quote#2 and #3 is 2Ton vs 3Ton AC)


Quote#1 $4,600

Bryant Legacy 13 SEER 2.5Ton Air Condition

Quote#2 $10766 ($550 rebates from state)

- Bryant Evolution 187B 2Ton 17 SEER

- Bryant Evolution two stage 986TB 96% efficiency gas furnace

- Aprilaire media seria AA-2410

- Bryant Evolution Connex Control

Quote#3 $11,400 ($550 rebates from state)

- Bryant Evolution 187B 3Ton 17 SEER

- Bryant Evolution two stage 986TB 96% efficiency gas furnace

- Aprilaire media seria AA-2410

- Bryant Evolution Connex Control

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