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Bird feeding advice

moonie_57 (8 NC)
6 years ago

Now that our outdoor cats have enough age to no longer scale the privacy fence and get into the front and side yards, I can finally begin to enjoy feeding the birds. During our last 2 snow events, I bought a blended bag that contains mostly millet. I chose that because of the price, and because I don't want to spend more than $20 a month.

We have greatly enjoyed watching the birds... cardinal pairs, chickadees, sparrows, towhees, finches, (saw my first purple finch today! was so excited!)... all the usual suspects. Up to now, we've been throwing the seed on top of an old metal shed. Perfect for viewing from the computer room but today I put up an old hanging feeder... the long kind that has 6 or 8 perches. It seems like the birds prefer the top of the shed. But then when the wind blows, the seed blows to the ground, where the cats could catch any bird that goes to the ground in search of the seed. So far we have not seen any birds on the ground, but I don't want to take the chance so I threw some of the opposite side of the shed where the wind would blow it outside of the fence. Now we can't see the birds very well. The hanging bird feeder is on a branch that hangs over the other side of the fence. Safer.

But reading on bird feeding, I'm wondering if suet cakes wouldn't be a better option. I can remember how much I have disliked suet but can't remember why. It was a long time ago. lol

So suet or seed? What birds do you attract with suet that you don't with seed? Which have you found prefer seed over suet? What brands do you use?

I live in northeast NC.

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