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Do you enjoy feeding the birds ?

As you all may know ( and be tired of hearing ) , we moved to a home this summer out in the country . We are on the edge of cow and horse farmland , with a lake view . It's very close , just at bottom of our lot.
Anyway , all summer I had a few finches and two cardinals . We have mockingbirds for sure . But very little takers at my feeders. I used to fly thru seed in our close quarters neighborhood . But not now !
We do have a bit of brush for them to hide in .
Anyway , any ideas ? I was thinking of getting a fresh bag of seed , but don't want to waste money . I use black oil sunflower seed . And thistle in a feeeder but I think the holes are too small . The sunflower seed feeders look like gazebos , and one is brand new and the other has been cleaned recently .
Just feeling a little sad , as I assumed out here we would have more birds to admire ! We were blessed to have hummingbirds the previous owners had attracted , so that was nice .
Also , if u care to share your bird photos or setups please do !! Id love to see. :) what do you do / use ?
Any luck with safflower seed ? I bought a bag and no one ate from that . Hmmm .
Next year I am planning on zinnias and sunflowers for some lure hopefully .

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