new Kohler shower pan stained; Miracle Method cleaning? x-post

5 years ago

Our new Kohler cast iron shower pan arrived with a dark streak
of mildew or mold along one of the bands of non-slip strips. We thought
it would be an easy clean but it's proving rather challenging.

We used Soft Scrub with bleach gel in our first attempt to clean it,
as recommended by the plumbing supply company. That helped a bit.

Next up was Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. That did a much better job but it didn't clean it completely.

So the plumber called Kohler to see what they recommended for cleaning.

The rep's advice started with "get a tennis ball...." Seriously!

Get a tennis ball, make a paste of baking soda and water and rub the paste over the stain with the tennis ball.

Surprisingly, it helped but the stain isn't completely gone so we requested a new pan.

And that's where things got interesting because of a strike at
Kohler's plant. We were fortunate to get one of the last pans in our
requested color before their stock was out but we're not so lucky with
its replacement. A new one will take 26 days, 14 of which are for Kohler
to make it.

I called Kohler's Signature Store in town. The rep suggested I try
Miracle Method. I *don't* want my new pan refinished but he said they
can help clean it. I don't see anything about that on their website.
I've done a search on the Bathroom Forum but all I find are threads on

Does anyone have experience with Miracle Method cleaning a stubborn stain?

Any words of wisdom or suggestions for what else to try to clean this stain without damaging the pan?


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