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No cable. Do I need cable jacks in my new home?

7 years ago

We are building a new home in a development. We do not use either a landline or cable. We use cell phones, and TV comes through Internet via Roku-type unit. Internet comes into the house via a cable modem.

My question is, is there any reason to install coax jacks, other than the point where cable enters the home? (The modem and router will be placed at that point.) Our plan is to install only data (Ethernet) jacks.

Please note: I'm not asking about resale value (we don't plan to sell for many years), or about pros and cons of having/not having landlines/cable. I'm just asking whether there is any advantage to having cable jacks, given the setup we are planning. I don't think so, but I want to make sure I'm not overlooking something important. Thanks!

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