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Ceiling fan + LED fan lights + dimmer - Can they all play nice?

8 years ago

We're in the process of upgrading our household lighting to LED bulbs - so many great options now! But, I'm running into a road block with our bedroom ceiling fans, and appreciate any advice.

Our ceiling fans were all purchased within the last 7 years, and all have light kits. Each fan is controlled by one single-pole, rotary-style switch that has a three-way dimmer for the lights, and a three-way speed control for the fan (so, two knobs on each switch).
We planned to upgrade the switches before installing the LED bulbs, so that they would work correctly, and also because I really dislike the rotary-style knobs. I naively assumed that it would be easy to find a fan/light combo switch rated for LEDs, but apparently they don't exist. In fact, I contacted Lutron directly, and was told the following:

"Unfortunately we do not offer a fan/light control that is compatible with LED bulbs. At this time, we do not have any details available on whether or not we will be offering such products in the near future. Our combination controls are rated for incandescent/Halogen bulbs only." Bummer.

I'm now wondering:

1) Can we install two separate switches side-by-side (under one face plate), in place of the current combo switch set up? An LED rated dimmer switch for the light, and a speed control switch for the fan?

2) Will the wiring that was used for the combo switch be adequate for this purpose?
Thanks in advance!

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