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Whole-house Reverse Osmosis system?

8 years ago

We are in the country on extremely hard well water. We built our 2000 sf house 10 years ago, and we are on our second washer and dishwasher. We installed an instant-demand water heater after our second traditional water heater gave up the ghost. (Elements needed replaced about every 2-3 months.) All faucets, bibs, etc., are always crusty and/or "frozen".

Culligan came out and said a water softener would not help the problem we have and suggests, based on their water analysis as well as our local city analysis, that we get a whole-house RO system for about $15K. With all the other things that go along with an RO system, this seems like a gigantic pain. It might be easier to get brand new appliances every 3 or 4 years! And this would not help the probable condition of our pipes. Anyone have any suggestions or thoughts?

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