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Whole house Reverse Osmosis system

17 years ago

Hello everyone, this is my first post. I (the contractor of my choice!) will be building our new house starting in early 2008. We are now designing, selecting systems, materials, etc. One of those systems will be a whole house reverse osmosis (WHRO) water filtration system. The system will be placed at the source so all water in the house will be treated. In reseaching this, I have received conflicting information (hard to believe!!). An engineer with a RO manufacturer stated that I should plumb the entire house with something other than copper (PEX)as the purified water will act as an agressive solvent and will pull copper out of the pipes which would not be good. Another said if I adjust the PH balance using another filter in the RO system the purified water will be PH balanced and will not act as such an aggressive solvent and copper plumbing should be fine.

I am leaning towards plunbing the entire house with PEX but what about the copper in the fixtures and the metallic connections? Anyone here an expert on RO systems as they relate to copper, PEX, copper fixtures, copper or metallic connectors?

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