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Need help trying to design a FUNCTIONAL laundry room!

8 years ago

We had a kitchen/bath designer and I have been less than impressed. Honestly, Houzz member have been so much more creative and innovative than her ($1000 wasted!). I really don't want to pay her any more money for the laundry design (any ideas she has thrown out have been lackluster and not functional) and don't have it in the budget to hire someone else at this point. I really can't afford more than about $5-8,000 in cabinets and $2,000 in counter tops for this space. We have 10 foot ceilings, but it is not necessary for the cabinets to go to the ceiling. Some musts for the space are a large sink (preferably not a utility tub), washer/dryer, and a desk area. Some bonuses would be some storage of kitchen appliances or food (kitchen lacks food storage and small appliance storage), fold out ironing space, laundry basket storage, some sort of drying rack/line innovation, and a pull out trash can by the washer and dryer. The window in the space is 60 inches wide by 54 inches tall (to allow for a counter top). Please help!

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