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12/27/15: Bad food combo, things that don't mix for garden and health

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8 years ago
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Got sick last night from sunflower seeds, cherry juice, and lemon juice before bed. Got dizzy and nauseated, vomited this morning. That was a bad combination, also found that cherry seeds, if crushed, yield a toxic substance in the juice. See below slide show of toxic foods (kidney bean, rhubarb leaves, apple seeds, etc.)

Here's an excerpt from below link on other bad food combination:

" Shrimp and Vitamin

Shrimp, crab and other seafood contain a lot of asen pentavelent. Remember to avoid mixing shrimp, crab with Vitamin C, even Vitamin C contained in foods or fruits. Vitamin C easily changes asen, generates highly-poisonous and dangerous substance.

Boiling sugar and milk

When boiling milk and sugar, lysine inside milk and sugar is disordered due to high temperature. It leads to trouble in digestion. Moreover, drinking boiling sugar and milk also leads to stomachache, diarrhea and vomiting.

Spinach and tofu

Spinach contains oxalic acid while tofu is a great source of calcium oxalate concretions. Mix spinach with tofu usually prevents iron and protein absorption in your body.

For garden: Bad combo are: acidic pine bark (pH 4) which becomes even more acidic with rain water (pH 5.6). Anything with lime (pH 12) doesn't go well with alkaline tap (above pH 8 due to calcium hydroxide added to treat water). Sulfur doesn't go along with earthworms .. caustic to them. Any other bad combination for your garden or health? Thanks. Below is bowl of bouquet picked from June in my garden.

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