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Need help with layout for kitchen with odd configuration

goodbye 80s kitchen!
6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

My kitchen configuration presents a lot of challenges and I need some help! There is a window in the middle of each exterior wall, and the stove and sink are currently under windows. There are entryways on the other two walls, and the stairs to the second floor create a slight slope in the ceiling on one side. Currently there is a pantry enclosing the sloped ceiling, but to make better use of the main kitchen area I am thinking of moving the pantry down the hall.

My main issues with the current kitchen (other than aesthetic) are that I have very limited counter space and none at all next to the oven. I want more counter space and more storage. The current lighting is atrocious as well. And while I like having a window to look out while I cook, I think it would be best if I could move the stove away from the window so I can have a range hood.

Budget is approximately $15K for cabinets, floor, backsplash, range, and electrical (adding lighting). I have already purchased the refrigerator and dishwasher so the above budget does not include those. With my budget I am strongly considering Ikea cabs but am open to other suggestions.

I would love some help with this layout! Does anyone see a better way to move the stove away from the window while preserving counter space on both sides of the cooktop? Better ideas on what to do about a pantry? Anything else? First pic is existing layout and second are my ideas. Thank you!

Edited to add dimensions: the square part of the kitchen where all the appliances and cabinets are is 12'10" wide x 11'9" deep.

Existing layout:

My ideas:

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