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A Holiday "What Would You Do?"

8 years ago

You have a dinner party. You send out invitations. People RSVP. The party starts. At least one guest arrives with...a guest. And no explanation. Graciously, you welcome the guest and offer drinks and appetizers.

Here's the problem. It's a sit-down dinner. You are literally out of chairs, out of plates, out of room at the table. You have already pulled the ".occasional chairs" into duty, and even the melamine "kids plates" are on the table (for the kids). (It's Christmas and mostly family, so people do make allowances for you) You are already one shy of desserts (actually you made more to allow for fails, and the you and the kids had the "fails" at lunch and dog ate one of the "not fails")

What would you do? Who sits on the arm of the sofa, eats off a pitted aluminum pie plate, forgoes a dessert (remember, you were already going to forgo since you were short one), all without making the uninvited guest feel any more uncomfortable than they already are (and you hope they are uncomfortable, not because you want them to be, but because if they aren't, well, then what kind of people are they?)

bonus points: there's more than one uninvited guest. NOW what?

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