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O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree......

8 years ago

I love the carol O Christmas Tree, because it reminds me of when my kids were little. In a "mommy and me" class, the group leader suggested we choose a song we liked and make up words to change it into a lullaby. We made up several, but I liked the one which went with this carol. Here are the lullaby words for the song O Christmas Tree (OK, sing with me!):

O sleepy one, O sleepy one

It's time to close your eyes

O sleepy one, O sleepy one

It's time to say good night

The day was long

The night is young

Tomorrow will be lots of fun

O sleepy one, O sleepy one

Your mother loves you dearly!

How the years flew by, but I always remember the lullaby version of the song when I hear it at Christmas.

If you have a favorite carol, and maybe even a story to go with it, please share.

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