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30" GE Profile gas slide-in vs. Jenn-Air 30" gas slide-in

8 years ago

Our kitchen remodel may become reality in the next month or so, and I need to choose a range. I feel like I have researched this issue to death, but unfortunately I don't think there is any way we can arrange the budget to fit my first choice -- a 36 inch Bluestar RCS. Although we have a large family (my 9th child is due in February) and I cook three meals a day, mostly from scratch, and could probably use the extra room in a 36 inch range, I think we're going to have to go with a 30 inch. I'd like a slide-in.

I have narrowed my choices (I think) to the GE Profile gas slide-in (not the one with double ovens) and the Jenn-Air gas slide in. I like the oval central burner on both and the large oven size (although I think the Jenn-Air is a bit bigger?) I also like that the controls of both are not flat in the front but on top, which pushes the cooktop slightly back from the edge of the counter and away from little hands. I think the Jenn-Air oven has a few more features than the GE, but right now the GE is on sale for $1999.

Can anyone give me an idea as to how these compare in reliability, actual oven size, and performance? Also, how easy is each to clean? Since I use large pans, I'd also like to know how roomy the cooktop is -- although it seems like the arrangement of the burners may be exactly the same.

Is the Jenn-Air worth the extra money?


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