Help! Major mistake occured in the pouring of our foundation

5 years ago
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Hi All. Anyone out there with experience pouring foundations?

Here's a doozy. Please offer advice. Thank you...

two years of preparation work, we finally got our house build moving
forward (1200 sq ft footprint. 3 levels: basement, main floor, second floor). Everything seemed to be going well. Our builder subcontracted
the foundation work. They poured the footings, built the forms, and
about 9 days after footings were poured, the walls got poured. Major
frustration aside, we found out today that the concrete workers didn't measure correctly and poured a 20 foot wide wall about 2 feet short. And our builder didn't double check measurements before the pour. We are
pissed to say the least. Our builder is taking the structural engineer
up to the house to assess how to handle this. The weather is changing and
freezing temperatures are due in about 8 days. Does anyone have any
experience in this type of mistake, and if so is it possible to have a
solid foundation wall that is "patched"? ie. wet concrete poured onto significantly drier concrete. Please help with any advice. I am so mad, and am looking for someone to tell me it will be okay, but I also need to hear the reality of our situation--if it won't be okay. I am worried that we may get lip service from our builder and he won't be as up front about the risks we now face in our foundation. Please help...

Thank you!

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