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How's your weather?

8 years ago

Things are beginning to heat up fast quite here. We're expecting 41 today and 44 tomorrow and there's still two weeks of Spring left. It's been unusually hot this year, with higher than average temperatures.

It makes me wonder, hows the weather where you are? Has it been hotter/cooler than usual?

Anyhoo, I'd better add some flowers, or this post would be in the wrong section haha!

Missouri Memories is new to my garden this year. This is the second flower and both them have been extremely small compared to the registered size. I'm guessing it still hs to settle in a bit.
Once again, here's Empire Returns. The flowers are massive and showy today.

I don't have a lot of daylilies, probably only 20 or so different varieties, so there will be a lot of repeats.

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