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cant decide on backsplash, slab or calcutta tile, opinions please...

8 years ago

I am struggling with this decision. I am either going with Maxlite slab or a calcutta Gold tile. The Malite calcutta has a very yellow background that will not go with my dove white cabinets so that is out (although I love it) My contractor really wants the slab but I am torn.

Here is the slab

Calcutta 2x8" , lovely

Here is the picture of my kitchen to be

I hope to replace the window so that its symetrical and the hood needs a little tweaking (too heavy looking for me). The contractor would like to put the slab on the hood too. I'm just not sure...

And then The Property Brothers last episode used calcutta Gold tile in beehive shape and it was beautiful.

Sorry to belabor this, I know either will be great but the GW crowd doesn't seem to mind struggling with decisions like this. So thank you in advance.

Property Brothers season 8 episode 4.I wish I had seen this before some decisions but ah well...

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