Disappearing Object Phenonomen

5 years ago

I mentioned "my ghost" in the thread about Who Am I. Since most of you don't believe in ghosts, and I certainly can relate to that, thought I would tell you about "mine". Actually I call it "the poltergeist" although I don't believe it behaves like a poltergeist...but that is just what I call it. Things disappear....I look all over for them....then they re-appear, right where they were supposed to have been all along. Well, you could say that I just over looked them. One of the fairly recent set of my truck keys disappeared. I looked everywhere for them. One day they showed up on the floor of the truck, right by the gas pedal. Several times I had looked under the seat and even vacuumed the truck. They weren't there. It happens fairly often the extent that when I lose something, I don't even want to look for seems futile.
The strangest thing to happen was when the kitten "disappeared". I have told about this before...but if you didn't read it then... My husband was in the hospital. He had a very large kidney stone lodged in his kidney. Too big to pass, too big to break up with lithotripsy. They had to actually cut into his kidney to remove it. I had been at the hospital all day and on my way home, got a call that the gal I rehab wildlife with, had a baby kitten, if I wanted to try and raise it. I stopped and got it. He was not more than a day or two old. He still had his umbilical cord. He was in bad shape....cold. I wrapped him in a towel and put him on the passenger seat. I stopped on the way home at Petsmart and got milk and a bottle for him, and went through a drive thru and got a piece of chicken for myself. When I got home, the first thing I had to do was close up my chickens for the night. I left him in the truck. I had the window rolled down about a quarter of the way. When I came back to the truck, no more than five minutes later, one of the cats, James, was in the truck, eating my chicken and the kitten was gone.

I needed to hurry and get him on a heating pad, to warm him up before I tried to give him a bottle. I looked everywhere in the truck. The towel was still folded like I left it. I could not find the kitten anywhere. Then I heard it crying. The sound was coming from outside the truck. I thought one of the cats might have grabbed him and dropped him on the outside. It sounded like the cries were coming from the bed of the truck...but he wasn't there. In desperation I crawled under the truck, and in the tiny space between the truck cab and bed, I saw a compartment of sorts on the outside of the truck cab. I could barely squeeze my hand into the space...holding my hand flat. The compartment where he was had sort of a shutter. There was a piece of fabric screen over it. I tore the fabric back, and could stick my fingers in and felt the kitten, but there was no way to get to him.

One of my neighbors had said if I needed any help while Jody was in the hospital, to let him know. So I called him and he came over. It was almost dark but he crawled under the truck and with a flashlight, could see where the kitten was....but there was no way we could find to get him out. We also couldn't find any way he could have gotten in there. There was no opening from the back seat of the truck that he could have gone through. Plus, the kitten was half dead to begin with. Sadly, we decided we couldn't do anything....the kitten would have to die in there.

That night we had a front come through. It rained and was cold. The next morning I set out for the hospital. All was quiet. Not a sound from the kitten. I assumed it had died. I dreamed about it the night before, and in my dream, I had gotten some clippers and cut through the plastic and got the kitten out.

I had just gotten to town and my husband called and said to not be in a hurry to come up there because they were going to keep him one more day. So I stopped at a favorite restaurant to eat lunch. I came out to my truck....the kitten was crying. Oh, it made me feel sick. But, I remembered my dream, so I went to a nearby Home Depot...went inside and bought some clippers. I drove to the end of the parking lot and crawled under the truck. I couldn't get the clippers in the tiny space between the cab and the bed. Well, at least I had tried. I crawled out and opened the door to the back seat to put the clippers on the floor there.....and there lay the kitten. On the floor. I grabbed him up and held him to my skin under my shirt and drove home. I called my neighbor while I was driving and asked him...."Where was that kitten last night?" I felt like I was losing my mind. He re-affirmed what I already knew and he couldn't believe the kitten was out. Well, the kitten lived. He is a year and a half old...named Favio but we call him Fob or Farb. I have no explanation how he got in that place or how he got out. Under the back seat, on the drivers side, where he was laying and the side where that compartment was, is the bundle of tools to change a tire. It was a new truck and the tools had never been removed. He couldn't have crawled over them, the bundle filled up the entire space, even if there was a way to get behind there and a place to get out of the cab. I have looked under the seat many times....there was no way for him to get out of the cab of the truck. And no way for him to get back in...once he was out. Also it is a miracle that he lived. He was almost dead when I got him and when I got him back, the same. I am amazed he had the strength to cry, even weakly.

There is a name for this....called Disappearing Object Phenonomen. I have read many strange stories on the internet about it. I could say, well, they are just stories, but I have no reason to lie about this and it is as strange to me as it would be to anyone. But it is the exact truth. What it happens....I don't know. But it has happened to me a lot. Only once before I moved here. My daughter laughed until it happened to her. She was in college and lived in an old, very small apartment. Her bathroom was so just had a small, wall hung sink. She was going out one night....put on her makeup and then couldn't find her compact. She looked everywhere. Came home, went in the bathroom, and it was on the edge of the sink. And, yes, she lived alone. My husband laughed until it happened to him. Anyway, I could tell you about many more times that it happened....but this is too long already.

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