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Beginner Gardener needs advice on beets, sugar snap peas & seed starts

Renee S H
6 years ago

Hello everyone! I live in South East Texas on the coast. I have always wanted to grow my own food and dove right into it this fall.

I started out with 4, 50 gallon containers filled half way with a mix of compost, top soil, and a couple of other mixes. I planted carrots, kale, spinach, beets, turnips, bunching onions and lettuces. I went by Smart Gardeners planting guidelines of when to sow my seeds, but started them the second to last week in October.

Most of my seedlings are looking good except for the beets. Most of them have fallen over and only a few are left. I planted a golden variety and I wonder what could have made them die so quickly?

I have a few questions. I have been trying to research and read about gardening as much as I can, but reading and doing are definitely two very different things!

When is the best time to start sowing fall crops?
Which method of starting seeds is better, using lights or a small greenhouse?
When can you grow sugar snap peas? In the fall or in the spring for an early summer crop?
Can you do spring crops and what can you plant and grow in the spring starting in February?
Will growing fennel be successful in the spring or should I wait until next fall?

Thanks so much!

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