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Sugar Snap Peas - inoculant?

11 years ago

I am hoping to pop sugar snap pea seeds into the ground tomorrow. I'm growing Burpee original sugar snaps. Location is Raleigh area, NC. This is my first attempt at growing any sort of pea.


1) I have been reading about them, and many articles recommend inoculant, but I don't understand this. I can't find the name of any product that would serve this purpose, nor do I really understand what this is about. Can anyone help me understand and advise of a product name/brand? And is it really necessary?

2) can I get away with ~5 hours of sun a day for these?

3) Do I need to soak or slit the pea seeds to help them get going?

4) Peas need cool soil, and I was planning to cover my raised beds in mid March to warm up the soil to prepare for my tomato plants. I'm thinking that this precludes my ability to plant the peas there, since if I only cover the "non-pea area" of the bed, the warming of the adjacent soil will spread to the pea area. (I hope this makes sense.) Do I need to grow them in separate places? Unfortunately, I am short on sun.


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