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8 month old sod issue

7 years ago

Hello All,

I recently moved into a new development and the house i bought was a spec house with all the landscaping finished in March this year.
My sod is growing very patchy and when i water, the water just sheds off like the sod is waterproof (there are some slopes in the lawn).

I had a lawn maintenance guy buy to take a look at the issue, he said that the sod was laid over clay then a 1" non compacted 3 way mix (maybe 2 way).
He said i really only have 2 options cut it all out redo it, removing some of the clay and adding a bunch of new soil and lay new sod.

Or start using fertilizer every month and water like crazy in dry months (i live in SW Washington) and start using gypsum to break up the top clay layer that the sod came in to hold a bit more water.
if i chose option 2 then the grass may only live a year or 2 because the roots will grow in to the 3 way mix and never be strong.
the grass is a perennial rye,

are these really my only 2 options? really only 1 option for a strong healthy long lasting lawn?
is aeration an option for healthy roots?

Thanks and I really appreciate the comments.

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