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Adopted by clueless bleeding heart Mom and 4yr old daughter ;)

7 years ago

**Wanted 2 mention I wrote all of this with numerous things going on over a 12hr span. So if it's not making sense I apologize. Feel free to ask me questions, and know that I sincerely appreciate any advice, knowledge, and suggestions. Thanks, Mary and Scarlett

I started with a huge aloe, that was abandoned by previous neighbors. Then after we moved new neighbor gave me a clipping that i potted, aloe again, and miracles happen both are thriving. Then I found a few of those little baby succulents, on our boat ramp that had fallen from neighbors deck and washed up. He said i could rescue them if i wanted. Of course i wanted to try rather than watch them die on the concrete, they at least would be loved, and appreciated at our house if they survived. Not knowing what to do with them i stuck them in with most recent abandoned adoptions, corn stalk, and viney extremely common house plant. Oh and with the corn plant that the evicted neighbors left, different neighbors, i also found that sad bamboo that had been tossed. I did what i could with $0 for potting soil and a complete lack of knowledge and made a few shared pots. The boat ramp succulents are interesting and a few of them after getting drenched in a typical 3 day Florida storm started dying. (before i realized that they are not the type that enjoy drowning) so I started looking up a little info and realized they might still have a chance. Once relocated to the only other pots i had a few have sprouted new growth. The what i think was something called blue chalk died it's the stalk cuttings in photos, because im a til the bitter end kinda gal, but after educating myself a tiny bit more im thankful the others seem to have hope despite their roommates. Then yesterday my 4 yr old, and i had to drive to the st pete beach farmers market, and drop something to my family's honey stand. Next door happened to be a very beautiful nursery, and i saw the guys in the box. The man i bought them from was awesome! I really enjoyed speaking to him, as he was super knowledgeable. However, the heat, humidity, and a butterfly combined with my ADD brain, and sweet daughter tugging not so gently on me, zapped my ability to retain the most important information. Now I have several more succulents and no idea what type. I have been trying to research, but ultimately I am still feeling clueless. Did i mention i later found out the very knowledgeable gentleman happened to be the owner of the nursery, and while researching succulents in the Tampa, Florida area, I found out he also is vice president of the local succulents and cacti group. Too embarrassed to tell him I completely forgot the most important information he so consideratly covered led me here. I hope no one judges me to harshly, and maybe will share some knowledge on identity, and any advice on what they need. Im on a pretty tight budget so will have to get the essentials spread out, but i really enjoy these beauties and would like to give them all the care and respect they deserve. I read through numerous post on this forum, and really enjoyed the thoughtfulness of the dedicated majority (= Thanks for your time, Mary Tampa Florida

Not sure if this is needed info, but just in case..we live in a converted train car. It has about a 500sq ft covered yet not enclosed porch facing the west. North of us is a large lake about 200ft away. Currently the aloe are on north side of porch outside. Others are on the porch above the aloe, and i move them in towards center if it rains. Further helpful info would be, should i plan an indoor location for colder months, which imo is anything below 72° ;). If so it's also necessary to mention the train car windows face the east and west only with both sides having small windows, and medium shading due to cypress trees and porch, so im concerned about everyone getting enough sunshine. One more thing will all need to be repotted? Is there hope for these guys, or am I completely doing everything wrong?

(A)Corn Plant, pretty hopeless bamboo, anole egg, and 2 of same unknown type of succulents.

(A2) another angle of roomies

(B) Common viney house plant (sorry i was an animal person I know its not good for pets ;)), over drenched chalky blue cuttings that probably are to far gone and adorable little 4 leaf guy that lost body, then towards to lying sideways is another that has new growth at bottom, insert happy dance!

(B2) another shot of B roomies. Oh and pot of A in it also, figured out yesterday that A pot with second pot inside had appeared to have drain holes but actually didn't so i cut 4.

(C) My daughter Scarlett chose this one, there are 2 of these total, both in tiny pots, and before we got to market a brief heavy rainfall moved through the beach and these got drenched.

(C mine) I picked this one and noticed last night the ends on a few leaves turned white.. also drenched by passing storm

(C2 and D) a second angle of Scarlett's, and a pick of another picked up yesterday, but D didn't get drenched in rainstorm.

(D) another pic of D and current soil pretty hope I can take the right kind of care of all of these guys, they make me smile.

(E and F) here are the last 2 picked up yesterday,F the lighter colored waxy looking one didn't get drenched either, E i think got partially wet. I noticed a couple of small brown dots on E last night not sure if they were already there or not. Thanks for making it this far, and for any input. Sincerely, Mary

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