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UPDATE: Adopt a Newbie: Part 3

14 years ago

*Allison & Melissa/Pixie - Allison rec'd from Melissa 4-30, Melissa rec'd 5-2

*Peony3 & Pat

*Christie & Becky

*Kathy & Marie- Kathy sent 5-9

*Lisa & Tracy- Tracy rec'd 4-28, Lisa rec'd 5-8

*Aimee & Mao

*Raven & Pixie- Pixie rec'd 5-8

*Sassy & Sassy

*Em & Melinda- Melinda rec'd 4-30

*Gardenkitteh & Melissa- Melissa rec'd 4-28, Diane rec'd 5-1

Comments (112)

  • ramazz
    14 years ago

    Christie, they will leave it by your door. I get stuff delivered from UPS all the time and they don't care if you are there or not. It is coming from the library where I work as that was easier than taking it to the post office.


  • jaleeisa
    14 years ago

    Thanks, Sassy and Marie! I'm so excited about getting the daylily and Marie's box! Things are getting hectic here, we've got two days to go til the big day!!

    Everyone keep your fingers crossed and say some prayers for us, the forecast is calling for wind and a 30% chance of rain. We could move it indoors, but even in my almost MIL's huge house, it would still be very crowded. Not to mention we wouldn't get the pictures we want. Cliff's cracking up at me. Normally I WANT rain so I don't have to water. And a little wind is usually a good thing because it blows any bugs off of my flowers and veggies and keeps mosquitoes and flies from invading us too badly.

    I'll try to checking in a bit the next few days, but it's really getting hectic. Just want to say that I love you guy and that I'll be around more next week.. well... maybe. Cliff gets this really mischievous look and won't tell me where we're going after the reception. He won't even tell me what I should pack!


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  • sassyd
    14 years ago

    Kathy, maybe he's planning on you NOT wearing anything! *wink* lol.

    Crossing my fingers for no rain sweetie. Hope everything goes beautifully!


  • pat_6
    14 years ago

    I received my "thank you" package from Kyna (Peony3) today. I just wanted to share a photo of the beautiful garden butterfly ornament that she sent. You can't tell from the photo but it's quite large and the colors are even prettier in person!


    Thanks so much, Kyna! I'll wait until Monday to ship your plants so they aren't sitting in the post office longer than necessary. Pat

  • sassybutterfly_2008
    14 years ago

    Ohh Sassy girl you outdid yourself!! WOW!!!

    Today was like Christmas I tell ya.. I received THREE RR boxes all at once! Shoulda seen me going thru boxes ooh'ing and ahh'ing! lol

    Sassy sent me some daylilies *doin' the happy dance!!
    I have been drooling over everyone's daylily pics and conversations and I'm just THRILLED to be starting on my own daylily garden!

    She sent me:
    7 Asiatic Mixed Lily bulbs
    Hemerocallis Night Beacon
    7 Dinnerplate Dahlias
    Bearded Iris
    some pretty Groundcover
    another small bunch .. not sure what they are? lol
    A gorgeous Angel figurine
    Green Gardening Gloves
    A Beautiful Garden Flag/Banner
    Hanging Garden pouch (I've wanted one of these!!)
    Green foam knee pad (I REALLY needed this!!!)
    Zinnia Purity
    Blue Bell flowers
    Salvia Purple Volcano
    Wonder Egg
    Bunny Tail
    Zinnia Envy
    Balloon Flower
    Some type of pepper ? seeds

    I hope I didn't forget anything or mix anything up after pouring thru my boxes today! lol

    THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was a lovely wonderful fantastic box!

    Wendy / sassybutterfly_2008

  • pixiesluvplants
    14 years ago

    Hi Allison and Raven and everyone,

    Since this is a Holiday weekend and I haven't been able to get your boxes out to you this week they are going to go on Tuesday. I don't want the things I am sending to each of you to sit in the PO longer than they should. I will post the DC # on Tues.


  • allisonlwise
    14 years ago

    Thanks, Trina!

    Hope everyone has a great long weekend :)


  • jaleeisa
    14 years ago

    Sassy! My daylilies arrived this morning! Girls, let me tell you something, this woman is WONDERFUL! She not only sent me the that I won guessing her precious granddaughter's name, but She also sent me a Pink Cotton Candy fan and a fan of Crystal Pinot! These daylilies are GORGEOUS! I can't wait to see them bloom! Thank you SO much, Sassy! You have such a generous heart and I am thankful from the bottom of mine!

    I'm breaking my promise to not do any gardening until after the wedding tomorrow to keep from messing up my hands for the pictures, but my daughter and I are gonna go out and plant these right now since we're overcast and they'll have a chance to recover. They arrived in fantastic shape, BTW!



  • sassyd
    14 years ago

    Wendy, I'm so glad you liked everything dear. That daylily marked Skoler, the name of it is Golden Scroll, you can see a pic of it on my trade list. Its really beautiful and has a huge bloom. The small bunch you didn't know what it was is a type of sedum, slow growing, can take full sun or shade. Mines in full sun and does fine. The peppers are just ornmental, but make such a pretty bush covered in peppers. I thought with what you have going on in your life right now you needed an angel to watch over you and your Mom. Hugs sweetie. I had soooo much fun packing your box and I really meant to send you more daylilies than that, lol, I was up till midnight packing 4 boxes I needed to get out, so I was alittle 'rattled' lol. Oh, the groundcover is Ajuga.



  • sassyd
    14 years ago

    Girl please! You make someone else plant those for you! You're very sweet, I hope you enjoy them for many years with your hubby!

    We want to see pics of the wedding when you have a chance!


    Good luck sweetie!

  • sassybutterfly_2008
    14 years ago

    Sassy ~ oh! That groundcover is Ajuga? I have some in my yard but mine is burgundy leaved w/ blue flowers! Great, I'll plant them up together, I bet that'll look lovely!

    and you KNOW I wouldn't complain about more daylilies.. LOL jk :P

    You're right about that angel! We need all the blessings we can get right now.. Mom wants to go to the beach for 'a last hurrah' as she put it. We're just praying her strength will keep up til July.

    Thankyou again Sassy :)

    Hugs to everyone!
    Wendy / sassybutterfly_2008

  • sassyd
    14 years ago

    Wendy....I was googling and found this pic. It has the sedum and the ajuga together, I think it looks nice, I'd change the color of the gazing ball but the plants look nice together.

  • Melinda Hagen
    14 years ago

    First I want to apologize for being MIA so long!! And to still let Em know that I haven't forgotten her. Will be mailing Tuesday am. Started to do it today and remembered the long weekend. I have them all picked just have to dig. Got the labels ready and all! I think she will like the plants I choose for her! I hope so anyway!! I do apologize for being so late in sending, but having a terrible time with my knee still! May have to go to the orthopedic surgeon next week. It sure has put a damper on things for the last few weeks!!
    Everyone have a wonderful and safe holiday! Em, I promise it is coming!! Melinda

  • sassyd
    14 years ago

    Melinda, I'll vouch for you anytime girl, no worries! I hope your knee problems are resolved with medication. I feel for you dear! I have really bad knee's, got it honest, Mom and Grandmom, I didn't stand a chance. Wishing you the best hun.


  • emsgarden
    14 years ago

    Melinda sweetie - I told you before - I am not worried - it is far more important that you deal with your health issues. I really don't want you worrying about this. I have heard nothing but good things about you and I know that when you can, you will share some of your wonderful plants with me. And even if something happened that you couldn't, I wouldn't be upset. I'm just not that way. So get better, take your time, I am sure that with your problems with your knee you shouldn't be digging! And I will absolutely LOVE anything you send - well not if its poison ivy LOL

    I know I have hardly been here myself. We are in the midst of remodeling and I am trying to work on my new gardens as much as possible. We are having a very large family gathering here for Father's Day so that has kinda pushed things to a head. Altho I did find time yesterday to visit a nursery that is going out of business lol She has posted on craigslist and had great prices. I picked up 5 gingers, 2 brugs, 2 pandora vines, 3 red and purple bleeding hearts, some cereus, a variegated hydrangea and a couple of other things that escape me this early for $24.00! I felt like a kid in the candy store lol
    Wendy - I have been keeping your mom in my prayers and hope that the beach trip becomes a reality for ya'll. Awesome box!!

    Sassyd - what a great box you sent Wendy - I can read her smiles :)

    Pat and Kyna - what a beautiful butterfly! That is going to be such a wonderful addition to Pat's garden.

    Bunny where are you hiding?? I hope you are starting to feel even just a wee bit better?

    Pixie hope all is well. Has Mud gotten into anymore trouble lately?? LOL

    OMGoodness - KATHY - TODAY"S THE DAY - HAPPY WEDDING DAY! i just know everything is going to be wonderful - Congratulations!!!

    Ok I will have to catch up some more later - Hugs all around!

  • christieb199
    14 years ago


    It was a very nice day here in Pittsburgh so I am only hoping that Kathy had the same sunny day for for her wedding!

    I came home late last night to a box on my porch :)
    I was so excited. I must have been calling Jason every hour asking if the box arrived before he went to work at 5pm and it had not come yet so I was thinking that it was going to be delivered on Saturday. But none the less it was here!!

    Thank you so much Becky! I have a new flower bed that I am going to post pictures of prior to me planting everything. I had class today, so could not get them in the ground. But they all still look great and have upright standing leaves. The particular flower bed is in the front of my house, immediately surrounding the house, so I am figuring that it gets some shade and some sun. I just do not know how to determine, the direction and what times it receives sun. I have not got that down pat yet. So before I plant all the wonderful plants that you sent me Becky, I have to make sure they will be ok in this bed or they will have to go elsewhere :)

    Becky sent me:
    Several different types of Lilies, maybe like 10 plants or so of just lilies!!!
    Sedum Autumn Joy
    Ice Plant
    Painters Paletle
    Mexican Hats
    Dogwood Seedlings

    I am not sure if I spelled everything correctly. But I am off to google pictures and spacing information for them all. Also going to print out pictures and try to make a garden organizer/picture book.

    Thank you so much Becky! I appreciate all of your plants that you have shared with me!!!


  • ramazz
    14 years ago


    Glad they all arrived in good condition. The plants you called lilies are actually bearded iris. Most of them are pretty tolerant and will do fine as long as they get sun part of the day. I can help you sort out what is what. I was trying to get them all in the box so I couldn't wrap each one individually. I still have some things that I want to send, so I will send another box later !!!


  • christieb199
    14 years ago

    Ok, here is the bed that I would like to put all the plants and flowers in.

    And here is the front of the house and the hill that it sits on, so the sun would only be on the bed... I do not know how much of the day? lol

    Do you think it would be ok to put all of them in this bed?


  • ramazz
    14 years ago


    Sorry, I signed off right after posting and have been busy today. Everything I sent you is very tolerant. None will tolerate deep shade (like in the middle of the woods) but all will tolerate some shade. Everything I sent is perennial. If they don't bloom, or don't take off, you can move them next year.


  • jaleeisa
    14 years ago

    Hi All!!!!! I am now officially Mrs. Kathy Walker!!!!

    The wedding was wonderful and we had a clear evening for it, despite it being really muggy. I'm going to put together a slide show and post it in the "Wedding Shower for Kathy" thread, so be watching!

    Marie, I got my box when we got home from the hotel that my wonderful mother in law got for us for the night!

    Such an amazing box! All I can say it "WOW"!

    It had:
    Red Amaryllis
    Apple Blossom Amaryllis
    Salmon Angel Trumpet Brug
    Chocolate Scented Sunflower
    Heavenly Blue Morning Glory
    A little pot with three Living Stones plants!
    Aster- Powder Puff Mix seeds
    Clarkia- Double Mix seeds
    A gorgeous album that Marie handmade for Cliff and I!!!! I adore it and will be putting lots of pictures in it!
    A lovely snuggler quilt in a Wedding Ring pattern that we will be using to snuggle!
    A little Garden basket knick-knack
    Fridge magnet notepad
    Memo Mouse pad - This is really cool!
    New gardening gloves
    Stained glass handsoap- two different ones- Stained glass and Harmony
    A butterfly pen with a gorgeous yellow feather!
    The Gardner's Secret Handbook
    Sunset Perennials Encyclopedia
    And a lovely note that said that if it doesn't grow, buy more plants!

    Thanks so much, Marie! You put a LOT of time and effort into this box and I am THRILLED with it! I'm gonna spend some time tomorrow in the gardens planting these wonderful gifts!

    I'll try to get a picture to post tomorrow!


  • wynative
    14 years ago


    I am happy to hear that your day was a great success & that you enjoyed my box of goodies! :)

    I need to take my daughter to the dentist but will check out your slide show when i get back.

    congrates to you and Cliff!

  • pixiesluvplants
    14 years ago

    Hope everyone is having a great day.

    Thats a wonderful box Kathy, great job Marie.

    Allison and Raven ya'lls boxes are flying today. I will post the DC # as soon as I print them and get them to the post office, running short on time here lol. I hope ya enjoy them, theres not alot of froo froo to them but lots of love and enjoyment sent with the plants.


  • pat_6
    14 years ago

    I finally got Kyna's (Peony3) package mailed today, with Delivery Confirmation #0307 1790 0002 6078 2091. I hope she enjoys it as much as I enjoyed putting it together! Pat

  • maozamom NE Ohio
    14 years ago

    I received a beautiful cobalt blue vase, a mini hosta, a hellebore, a a shrub clematis from Aimee today.


  • peony3
    14 years ago

    Hi all! I got a lovely box full of awesome plants from Pat today!

    She put in the following:

    Daylily- 'Daring Dilemma'
    Saponaria 'Rosea'
    Sedum 'Autumn Joy'
    Yarrow 'Wonderful Wampee'
    Lambs ear
    Obedient Plant 'Miss Manners'
    Cupids Dart
    Sea Thrift
    Tall Bearded Iris burgundy & gold
    Heuchera 'Coral Bells'

    Plus a pretty pair of garden gloves (that i desperately needed!) and some hand lotion for those dry garden hands at the end of the day!

    A lovely box of goodies and just the inspiration I needed to get out there & get planting.

    Thanks Pat!!
    Peony 3 (Kyna)

  • hazelnutbunny
    Original Author
    14 years ago

    So sorry I've been MIA for awhile, everyone. We've had more than a few family crisis, and it's been hectic to say the least.

    Everyone has been sending & receiving some FABULOUS boxes! :O)
    It seems that nearly everyone has gotten a box, so this swap will be wrapped up in no time.

    Thank you to everyone that helped out with this swap. It's been alot of fun & I'm glad we got to meet some great new gardening friends!


  • ravenwv
    14 years ago

    I got my box from Trina today!!!

    Hope I don't forget anything, it was a WONDERFUL box!

    She sent

    Elephant Ear
    Rubber Tree
    Fairy rose bush
    Shasta Daisy
    Peace Lily
    HAIRY BALLS YAY!! (I think I need a boyfriend lmao)
    Ground Cover
    Purple wandering jew
    Mini Jade plant
    Day lily
    (Trina, is Our Anniversary the name of it or is it YOUR anniversary plant??)
    Chocolate Mint
    Mother in law tongue

    Texas Bluebonnets
    Sweet William
    Purple Larkspur
    Love Lies Bleeding
    Datura ferox
    Sunflower Autumn Beauty
    Zinnia Lilliputt
    Mondara lambada
    Zinnia California Giant
    strobilanthes attenuata
    Cinnamon Basil
    Garden Mix

    A wonderfully scented bar of soap
    A "welcome to my garden" plaque
    And a lovely note!

    Trina...I can't thank you enough for taking the time to do this and help out someone who doesn't have much...

    I sure hope next year (or in the fall) I will have the opportunity to "pay it forward"

    And...I hope we can keep in touch..

    thank you again! and thanks for this round robin


  • ravenwv
    14 years ago

    Also in the box...

    A pair of gardening gloves which I needed badly and some
    Rooting hormone (very thoughtful)

  • pixiesluvplants
    14 years ago

    Raven, I am soo happy you like it!!! "Our Anniversary" is the name of the Day Lily. I had alot of fun picking out plants for you. You are more than welcome, I hope it all does good for you!!!


  • allisonlwise
    14 years ago

    Yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My box came from Pixie too. It's stuffed and full of lovely wonderful things and I'll post them all later this afternoon. I'm going out now to find places for everything.

    Thanks so much Pixie! You're the best :)


  • pixiesluvplants
    14 years ago

    WHOOOHOOO glad ya got the box Allison, hope ya liked what I sent ya. You are very welcome and Happy Gardening!


  • Melinda Hagen
    14 years ago

    First off, I want to apologize for not being on more! And secondly, for not sending my box to Em until now. I haven't had a good spring. Ripped the tendons and cartilage in my knee and it has been a nightmare. No yard work, no planting, etc. Still have to have a brace until the 16th of July and then we'll see if I need to do more to help it or not. It has been no fun!
    Anyway, I got my grandson to help dig some things and my box is on it's way to Em. I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and lateness of my box! It was a terrible thing to do to a newbie, but couldn't do it without help.I hope you understand.
    The dc # is 0306 3030 0002 2499 9893. I found a couple of the labels after I packaged and so when you receive just holler and I'll tell you want their names are.
    Em, I loved my box and again so very sorry so late in sending! Melinda

  • emsgarden
    14 years ago

    Melinda - thank you so much for worrying about my box and getting it out to me. I hope the brace helps heal your knee so that you won't need further care for it. I can only imagine the frustration you must feel not being able to garden.

    I totally understood and wish you wouldn't have worried about it - you have enough to deal with but I am excited to know its on its way. Will post when I receive it. Thanks again

  • emsgarden
    14 years ago

    Wooohoooo - Received my great BIG box from Melinda and am sooo excited! She sent me:

    Abstract Art DL
    Golden Gift DL
    Bayport DL
    Rose Vervain
    Birchwood Parky's Gold Hosta
    Queen Josephine Hosta
    Hermann's Pride Lamium
    Deptford Pinks
    and two NOIDS that Melinda needs to ID for me - one of them is huge! looks like a small shrub!

    Everything was packaged so carefully and arrived healthy and happy looking.

    Melinda - again - you really didn't need to worry with this with all you have going on! I truly appreciate the fact that you had your grandson dig these up and sent them to me despite your problems. You are a sweetheart! Thank you - Thank you!! When you get a chance please get in touch about the NOIDS so I know how to care for them.

    Off I go to look these up and figure out where to plant them.

    Hugs!! Em

  • Melinda Hagen
    14 years ago

    I am glad you got the box! The 2 no id's are a golden fanfare hosta and then the largest one is hellebores orientalis. I hope they do well for you! They are blooming size already.
    Thanks, Melinda

  • Just_Jes
    10 years ago

    Some other members told me I should post here. I'm new to gardening and open to anything growing/advice-wise. Moving to a farm in the summer of 2013.

  • annikasmommykate
    10 years ago

    Jess, wrong forum. It's in the seed exchange forum...Link below

    Here is a link that might be useful: Adopt a Newbie

  • angryladyfermiere
    9 years ago

    Hm. I've been reading around and I'm not sure if I'm doing this correctly... but I'm newbie material here. Just moved to a new growing zone too. Please someone adopt me!

  • jensyen ( z7 MD )
    9 years ago

    Welcome angryladyfermiere - I sent you an email. Here is my trade list - Jensyen/ Jen R.

    Here is a link that might be useful: Jensyen Trade List

  • baunlee
    9 years ago

    How does a new person get into the newbie adoption thing?

  • jensyen ( z7 MD )
    9 years ago

    Welcome Baunlee, If you post your email address on your member page, I can contact you to set up an adoption. You can also start filling in your want list here. Find 'member pages' at the bottom of this page in the brown section. Click on it. Write something about yourself and planting zone so I can figure out what seeds to send you. If you need help you can email me.

  • skyblue52
    9 years ago

    Hello I would like to adopt a newbie. I have lots to share.Susan

  • divina3315
    9 years ago

    I would love to be adopted if still possible! Please e-mail me with info :)


  • jensyen ( z7 MD )
    9 years ago

    Elise, I sent you an email.

  • loveless
    9 years ago

    hi could you adopt me as a newbie?

  • beth_b_kodiak
    9 years ago

    Where is Bunny and how do I find the info for this thread?
    Interesting to see some folks who started as newbies now are strong regulars.

  • cryptid
    9 years ago

    Loveless, I just sent you an email! :)

  • blrhudugi
    9 years ago


    I am a new gardener and been on this forum for a few weeks now. I love going through all the info and tips, and the Seed exchange. I would love if I could become a part of this "Adopt a Newbie".

    Seeds I am looking for are below (would appreciate whatever I can get from you veterans)
    1. Amaranth red
    2. Amaranth Green
    3. Bitter Melon
    4. Bottle gourd
    5. CLuster beans
    6. Malabar Spinach (Basella Alba)
    7. Ridge gourd
    8. Calendula
    9. Okra
    10 Zinnia

    1. Peas

    Thank you very much.

  • loveless
    9 years ago

    Im so sorry this took so long (i had a air head moment)!cryptid was such a sweet heart and sent me loads of seeds thank you soo much !!!!The seeds got to me so fast i was rather surprised .I have planted a few indoors again thank you ! i love the way you had them all lined up and with the little papper saying when they grow and how long it takes for each stage!as well as giving me so many helpful tips thank you sooo much!

  • jplayland
    9 years ago

    I'm a vegi garden newbie.

    I built 3 rasied beds, 24'x6'x2' deep, one for blueberries(acid),lingonberries(acid), strawberries, rhubarb, garlic, other perennial small fruit/vegi. The other two beds are for the vegi garden, plus I plan on making a couple of potato planters, and a couple of container tomatoes and peppers for potential overwintering.

    This will be my 3rd growing season in my first home. the first two I worked on the perennial fruit garden/orchard.

    These vegis are 100x worse than the fruits, too many options, how can one pick, especially when they all say they are the best?

    I know I want:
    Tomatoes (sauce, paste, salsa, fresh, cherry, weird colors[that taste good], I would like both hybrid and heirloom for comparison)
    Peppers (bells, sweets, hot [no hobanero or hotter])
    Sweet Potatoes
    Carrots (some super sweet for raw)
    Summer Squash/Zuccinni
    Winter Squash (not too wet, prefer drier)
    Green Beans
    Sweet Corn
    Edimame* (especially fond of)
    Melons (sweet, any)
    Basil (pesto)
    Any other vegi you think I should grow.

    I would be happy with direction, but truely grateful if someone would adopt me.