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Need help with new yard: plant identification and care instructions

8 years ago

Hi all, we just moved in to our very first home in northern Alabama (yay!). Having never owned a yard before and no knowledge of botanics at all, I was hoping I can get some help with 1. identifying what are the plants in our yard and 2. what are some basic maintenance/trimming/feeding procedures I need to be aware of. I have included pictures below with specific questions. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you!!

Exhibit 1a and 1b. Are they weeds?

Exhibit 2: what should I do with this shrub.. I tried trimming it it's just a tangled mess

Exhibit 3: what is the plant in front left, and what are the 3 small ones behind with jagged leaves, should I remove them?

Exhibit 4: I keep getting maple branches sprouting up. Anything else I should do beside pulling them up? also, I have a few of this kind of small shrub that are not doing so well. What can I do?

That's it for now. Thanks again for any answers you can offer!


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