Time To Play the Medicare Games Again

5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

It's time to start comparing options for our Medicare Part D and supplementary insurance plans for 2016.

What a country, to put Seniors through this drill every fall. Be sure to thank your federal representatives.

The whole concept of the Part D is ridiculous. You are required to buy a plan. You must pay an an insurance company a premium -- which permits you to get some discount -- on the inflated prices charged by Big Pharma -- because the US (unlike other nations) does no price control of prescription drugs.

A big reason the meds are so expensive is because 'somebody' has to pay for *advertising* prescription medications -- advertising only permitted in the US and New Zealand. Ah,but we're happy to keep capitalism foremost in health care, even as our premium dollars find their way into campaign funds to keep the game in motion.

Go to and start playing the game.

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