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Can't stand BF's spouse. Do you get over it, say something, drop BF?

8 years ago
last modified: 8 years ago

My friend is married to the LAZIEST man on the face of this earth. His family had enough money that they bought him a nice house, so he's under no pressure to work, and he doesn't. If my BF wants groceries, utilities paid, insurance, clothing, she has to work. Seems fair, equal division of responsibilities. But she also has to cook, care for yard, do housecleaning, shuttle children (when young) even though he's at home all day. When I listen to her complaints about him, I want to SCREAM that she throw his ass to the curb but I don't and won't. What do you do when your friend is married or living with an absolute jerk or jerkette?

I've chosen to keep my mouth shut but she notices as all the socializing happens at my place, never hers. When she complains I just nod. What do you do and why?

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