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New Construction - looking for feedback and help with kitchen

midwest gal
8 years ago

Hi everyone! I have been lurking on these boards for the past six months and am finally ready to post :)

I would love some help with our home plans, we have a number of spots with "dead space" that I would like to maximize. Below are some of the wants and needs for our house. I have cross-posted with the Building a home forum.

The house is slightly bigger than we were hoping for, we wanted to have about 2200 sq ft

I think we have a lot of improvement needed in that area (we didn't get into many specifics for this with our designer). I want a flat island and a walk in pantry that is large enough for a freezer.

Garage has to stay the size it is, we are not allowed to have any storage sheds in the yard and we have 3 drivers in our home.

Thanks for your feedback!

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