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New Construction - Wood to Tile Transition - I Need Feedback

5 years ago

I am building a new home. It is concrete foundation. The flooring throughout will be mostly engineered wood. There will be tile, probably porcelain, in the wet areas... kitchen, laundry and baths. The transition between the open kitchen to great room is about 18 feet. In my last home transitions between wood and porcelain was only between doorways, no larger than 32" and transition (t) strips were used.

I would like to have the porcelain and wood transition without the need for this t strip. I know the tile and wood need to be of the same height. I have seen many, many photos online where this is done.
When I told the sales guy at the flooring store where I have intended to purchase the wood (they would also do the installing) that I want a smooth transition and no t strip, he told me that what I want is something that isn't really done. He said that flooring companies put out nice photographs but that's just a sales job to make the flooring look nice. He went on to say that what will happen is that the wood flooring (he knows I'm looking at engineered wood) will expand and the grout between the wood and tile will just crack. He says to have the flooring the way I want is not done in the real world.

I have read up on this. I read that engineered wood does not expand and contract as much as solid wood and that a sanded caulk or silicon that matches the color of the tile grout can be used.

This home is in the $800 - $1M range. I would like to know, should I expect to be able to have the flooring laid like I want? Or does this guy have a point?


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